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About Us



MPM Ltd ® Company established in 1995 in Israel, our objective is to promote Hi - end technology in the Rapid Prototyping World for varied fields like: Jewelry, Medicine, Industry etc. Our major clients are form varied fields all over Israel.

MPM Ltd ® Company is the representative for sales & service of companies from Europe & USA like:

EnvisionTEC - World leader in Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing equipment. 
Development, production and sale of cost effective, non-expert Computer Aided Modeling Devices (CAMOD) including software and materials. 

ASEG Galloni SPA  - specializing in production of electronic induction machines for melting and casting precious and non precious alloys for the global jewellery and dental markets.

MacNeel Europe & USA Company® - Manufactured 3D design software: "Rhinoceros" and additional plug-ins like: "Penguin" , "Bongo" , "Flamingo" for varied 3D design fields like: Jewelry , Shoes , Ships , Vehicles etc.

SensAble Technology Company® - Manufactured haptic devices for design in 3D Software ("Clay Tools" & "Free Form Modeling Plus" software.)

SiroLasertec GmBH - develops and distributes innovative laser-technology solutions for engraving, welding and cutting and well as laser-service for industry and trade.

Tech Jewel® Company - Manufactured 3D design plug-in for "Rhinoceros: "Rhino Jewel 5.0", a plug-in for the jewelers industry.

3Dconnexion® from Logitech company -  Manufactured 3D Mouse for varied 3D design fields.

Our main goal is to give our clients the ideal combination with the perfect result in the right time.

We are provided services to varied fields

  1. 3D models printing.
  2. Sales & Service for EnvisionTEC Rapid Manufacturing equipment.
  3. 3D design system from Sensable Technologies for varied fields.
  4. 3D Mouse for varied 3D design fields from 3Dconnexion from Logitech company
  5. 3D design software selling of all products made by - MacNeel® Europe & USA and - Tech Jewel® for varied fields.
  6. Wax models casting for varied kind of metals:
    • Silver 925
    • Brass
    • Stainless Steel
    • Palladium
    • Gold (18k+14k – Red, White, Yellow) - nickel free
    • New! Gold 18k SW - color rhodium
    • Platinum
  7. Rubber molds for wax injection making.