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Precious Metals Casting

MPM LTD as part of its service not only provides the models printing technology but also the casting in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and stainless steel.

To better serve the Israeli jewelers, we're using the latest advanced technologies in platinum casting for smoother surface and excellent results of any kind of design. We're working constantly on improve product quality

If a piece does not pass our strict quality control, we identify the problem, we inform you of this and then recast the piece for the next day.

Gold 18k Color Rhodium is our special kind of gold known for its color quality. Jewels made of this alloy don't need traditionally rhodium plating to have a white look. Very flexible and easy for stone setting due to unique alloy formula created by our USA supplier who notices that very small amount of nickel doesn't make this kind of alloy allergenic.
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