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EnvisionTEC PixCera

The PixCera machine is designed to work low production cost and provide high-resolution solution. Based on the principle of Photopolymerisation, the PixCera creates three dimensional models of plastic material - wax, metal casting enabled a quick and easy without fallout and soil quality is very high due a patented Spatial Light Modulation (SLM), which makes models more accuracy for the delicate parts of the printed object.

The PixCera machine can easily connect directly to your computer or workstation which will be integrated into the network, the PixCera machine almost doesn’t have moving parts what creates the current easy maintenance and reliability for years.

The PixCera machine have embedded computer that allows the system to work independently, can also monitor the network remotely from any computer with communications software from PixCera Software Suite. You can import all STL format easily using PixCera Software Suite.

Area of work: 60X45X100 mm
Quality production by layer: 25-50 microns.
Production speed: 3-7 mm per minute.
Projector resolution: 1400 x 1050 pixels.

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