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New! 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator™

Extend your reach

A true 3D mouse, SpaceNavigator represents a great leap forward in controller technology. Unlike conventional mice limited to movement on two flat planes, SpaceNavigator supports effortless motion in all dimensions. You’re now free to create awe-inspiring models or explore virtual worlds—without the limits imposed by outmoded “flatworld” technology. Advanced pressure sensing technology makes the 3D mouse a virtual extension of your body. Move the controller cap to simultaneously pan, zoom, and rotate on the fly, without stopping to select commands. Lightly increase pressure to go faster or decrease pressure to perform precise micro-adjustments. Using the SpaceNavigator 3D mouse is completely natural—and highly addictive.

Great value

Once the exclusive domain of high-end design professionals, the breakthrough technology in SpaceNavigator is now available to designers, students, and anyone else who wants to enjoy a complete 3D experience. At only $59, the SpaceNavigator Personal Edition is actually priced lower than many 2D mice.

Universal compatibility

SpaceNavigator works with your favorite 3D application, on any OS: Windows, Mac, or Linux. Use it to build sophisticated models in all the leading design applications, power 3D presentations with Adobe Acrobat, or explore rich 3D worlds in Second Life, Google Earth, NASA World Wind, or Microsoft Virtual Earth.


SpaceNavigator’s small footprint keeps your workspace free of clutter. And it makes a stylish addition to your desktop